Tips on Installing RapidMiner’s R extension on a Windows Machine

Although I use both R and RapidMiner in my work, I have been “late to the party” in installing RapidMiner’s R extension on my Windows machine. The primary reason being that over time I have built a regular workflow that uses these two tools separately. Also, I am one of those folks who don’t go looking for trouble. After reading several postings on how after installing the extension users couldn’t get RapidMiner started again, I figured I should let this integration fad pass or at least wait for Rapid-I to address the issue.

Well, curiosity took the best of me and I installed it. Actually, I believe I jerry-rigged it, but if you are one of those folks who are wishing to get the R extension working and you haven’t had any luck yet – here are your rude, crude but quick tips to get it working.

It is worth noting that I use a 64bit box running Windows 7. I have the latest-and-greatest R installed (at least at the time of this posting, v2.13.0).

Follow the instructions given by Rapid-I, but also note the following:

TIP ONE: SET YOUR R_HOME variable to the R “root” directory, NOT to the bin directory.

On my machine it is C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0

TIP TWO: SET YOUR JAVA HOME variable to the jre ASSOCIATED WITH RAPID MINER. Don’t know why this is important, but I couldn’t get the extension running using the jre installed in C:\Program Files\Java. Just saying……just do it.

On my machine that is C:\Program Files\Raid-I\RapidMiner5\jre

TIP THREE: (OK – Here is the crude, Mickey Mouse, Fisher-Price, fix to get this thing working…) COPY ALL THE FILES IN

C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0\bin\x64


C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0

Yep, sounds pretty silly, but hey – I am running the extension, thank you. I think it has something to do with not having a LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, like on UNIX setups. If this was the case, I think adding C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0\bin\x64 to
LD_LIBRARY_PATH would have fixed this. One thing I didn’t try is adding both
C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0\bin\x64 AND C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0 to the PATH environmental variable – maybe try that out, and see what happens.

Best of luck, and let me know how it worked for you!



About Russ Sacks

Russ is the current Managing Director of Exceptional Outcomes. He has over twenty years of experience in the areas of operations research, process excellence and software development. Russ has worked with organizations such as United Technologies, Allied Signal, GM and NASA in implementing computer aided optimization and continuous improvement methods. Russ is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and has worked in the area of process excellence in both the healthcare and information technology industries. Russ holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Union College, a Master of Science in Management from University of Maryland University College and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Vermont.
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9 Responses to Tips on Installing RapidMiner’s R extension on a Windows Machine

  1. Enrique says:

    Russ you are god, i try adding both
    C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0\bin\x64 AND C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0 to the PATH environmental variable, and now is working properly.

    Thanks a lot, men.


  2. Milan says:

    je to fakt super, mne to tiez funguje podla tohoto navodu na windows XP!!!

  3. Milan says:

    sorry I forget than I should speak english – this work for me also on XP! Thanks a lot.

  4. JHGHGH says:

    You’re the best ! Thank You very much.

  5. Telmo says:

    And after about 1000 tries, with your Mikey Mouse tip it worked!!!!!
    Call it Super-man, spiderman, or even batman not mickey mouse!

  6. Sudhi says:

    Awesome :).. This ended my struggle installing R extension in RM…. Thanks Russ…

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